Saturday, January 28, 2012

Applied for an Internship!

I feel like I finally accomplished something on my way to going abroad, like I am finally moving forward.  Getting this teaching internship would be a huge blessing, it would really help me with my future career goals.  I would have some teaching experience under my best and I could come to an informed decision on whether or not the path I'm heading down is the one I'm supposed to be pursuing. 

Truthfully, all the barriers and rejections I have faced on my pursuit to go abroad had left me severely dissapointed and questioning "why me", but I have learned that no matter how hard you want something, no matter how hard you dream and wish for something, you're not going to accomplish it unless it's in Gods plan for you.  I'ts hard to accept and even now I'm struggling with it, unsure if I'll recieve this internship, unsure if I be too old to study abroad in the rest of my gap year.  But, although I can't help my feelings, I can continue to try and put my faith in God and accept that God's way is the best way and that at the same time wanting what I want is okay, I'm human.  I continue to hope that I'll accomplish my dreams when I want to and how I want to, but life hasn't turned out so bad.  New people have been brought into my life, I'm going to Japan and Taiwan this summer, I received a much needed scholarship, I've sent in my application for my internship.  I do my best and that's all I can do, the rest I just have to leave in his hands.