Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Just Can't Sleep

I up at 3:51 am because I just can't keep my eyes closed!  I've been doing some homework and some sketches(and surfing the web, going through Yesstyle...) but I'm still wide awake and wanting for something.  I've been so restless lately, there are so many things I can do, but I'm not satisfied with anything. ~sigh~ I guess I just need to remind myself that school is priority! That first! ;p
On a different note, Christmas is coming soon, my favorite holiday, and I'm excited for Christmas break.  I hope to refine my designs and complete some sewing.  I'm trying to save those things for the break, but I'm completely tempted into starting them now. While on the subject of clothing, my first ModCloth order was a complete bust, which was very disappointing, and I ended up returning the dress. I'll put up a review on that and also on a recent Yesstyle order. Just need to get the pictures off the camera....
One more thing!  I've started my application to study abroad! Very excited about that!  Well, it's past 4:00 so I'll try to sleep again I guess.  Good morning all!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Put Up A New Sales Post on BarnacleScootRS!

I just put up a new sales post concerning this Pink Diamond Cardigan:
 and this navy military style jacket:

 Haha please ignore my toes, I just noticed they were there!  Anyhow, for more information and pictures please visit my online store at livejournal! You can find this specific post here: or visit the store in general through the link on Places I Roam.  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Order from Modcloth!

I placed my first order from modcloth yesterday!  I've been lusting over the Deep Within the Armoire Dress by Valerie Tolosa since I can't remember when, and now its on its way!  The ordering process was very uncomplicated and didn't take long at all to complete.  I was able to get a good idea on what size I should select by the size chart and the reviews posted on the dresses page.  The shipping is supposed to take 3 to 6 business days, and returns are free so I'm very excited about it!  Here's a picture of the dress and a link to modcloth's website:


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keeping Warm and Staying in Style!

I think this is to warm for where I live, but non the less I think it is a beautiful coat that is sure to keep you nice and cosy, yet still looking beautiful in cold weather:

This coat is called the chinese collar embroidered down coat available on asianicandy:
It's handmade and I just think it is absolutely gorgeous!


Well, if your reading this, I feel special! With all the other blogs out their in the vast world that is the internet, for you to come across my blog seems so unlikely!  I've created this blog so that I can write down some of the billions of thoughts that cross my mind.  In this blog you will hear a lot about fashion, horseback riding, tennis, and traveling I suppose, as those are my main interests besides sleeping.  I guess we'll just see what happens!